Learn, dance and socialize with Argentine Tango

Come alone or with a partner and dance this beautiful dance from Argentina. Learn about the basics in technique, following and leading, connection and communication through one embrace. Bring your life into your tango by learning to express what you hear in the music and feel in any given moment. Improvising both with your partner. Let tango into your life giving great opportunities to meet new people, learn a hobby that is also great for health and wellbeing.  With some great opportunities to learn both privately and in classes of different lengths. To dance socially and also train more intensively at higher levels for salon and performance. Something for everyone. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to Isolde injuring her foot she has been in crutches  since august and will be moving normally by the end of september. This means we have had to delay the start to all our classes. Please contact us if you have questions.